Mexican Café & Bar

The Southend Mexican Café & Bar is proud to announce that we will be offering a full Mexican inspired menu!

We will also be adding a Tequila Bar soon too, exploring the various synthesis and fermentation of Agavé tequila. 

Our new menu is up!

We are currently closed until February 2018


Mexican INspired Plates

Having a passion for food and family, we at the Southend Café offer many traditional and Mexican inspired dishes for the whole family. Come and enjoy the tastes of Mexico! Click here of the full Menu.

Persea americana

Persea americana


Avocados are a super food with incredible health benefits. They are a corner stone of many of our dishes!

Agavé tequila

Agavé tequila

Tequila Bar

Is here!!!

We will offer many various tequilas for your sipping, drinking, and blending preferences. Click here for the Tequila Menu.